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If you have been told that your facilities violate several environmental rules and or regulations threatening to hamper your business operations, who do you turn to? Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II dba Alpha Environmental Engineering & Construction has remediation specialists who can perform corrective actions from simple to complex that can save your company from prolonged suspension or complete closure. Remediation is a procedure that reverses or halts environmental damage caused by unacceptable risks. Our remediation involves various services that work towards replacement, removal, redesigning, and decontamination to make the impacted area environmentally compliant. With cutting-edge equipment and expertise, you are confident that you’ll get safe and cost-effective results from APT II/ AEEC.

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Your sole source provider for environmental remediation

You don’t have to work with multiple contractors during a remediation project because we can take care of everything. It may involve demolishing a condemned building or disposal of contaminated soil, to name a few. We will not only perform remediation on the particular location, but we will also arrange for the proper and safe transportation / disposal, whether hazardous or non-hazardous. Excavators, front loaders, cranes, you name it, we have the proper equipment to carry out complex tasks that reduce your environmental impacts, eventually turning your business infrastructure into a fully compliant one. Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II has the capacity and experience to perform all different remediation phases precisely and efficiently while staying within your stipulated budget.

We offer the following environmental remediation services:

  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Remediation /decontamination of natural resources i.e., soil and water
  • On-site and offsite treatment
  • Transportation and disposal
  • Land restoration
  • Embankment repair

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