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Transporting valuable resources like crude oil requires specialized training and expertise. Trust in a skilled and efficient hauler to get the job done right.

Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II dba Alpha Environmental Engineering & Construction (APT II/ AEEC) provides high-quality, efficient, and compliant crude oil midstream logistics in California and Texas. Our tanker trucks will pump crude oil from the source and deliver it to the refineries or rail yards like clockwork. Wherever the location is, we will move it. At the same time, we continuously work towards meeting the evolving needs of crude oil hauling through updating our equipment, tankers, and technologies involved in the business cycle. Thus, we do not only offer exceptional service to our clients, but we also ensure we are observing public and environmental protocols. 

Safety and compliance are at the core of our operations. We are guided by innovative technologies and data analytics to ensure our tasks are carried out accordingly. Our highly experienced logistics specialists perform 24/7 monitoring, ensuring our processes function optimally. 

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Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II dba Alpha Environmental Engineering & Construction observes the highest and most stringent quality standards given our systematic fleet maintenance program. As the logistics partner of major oil companies, we adhere to the strictest guidelines to carry out tasks efficiently and safely. Behind us is a team of seasoned logistics experts that not only follow the best industry practices but also lend excellent support to our clients, which strengthens our business relationships.

All of our processes operate within the principle of compliance and safety. As such, our tanker drivers are sufficiently trained to employ careful yet productive load-gauging and driving performance that is religiously monitored via in-cabin tracking and apply feedback to improve their skills. We are proud of our unparalleled service matched by a high-performing fleet and fast turnaround time that has built us a steadily growing client base which we would love for you to be a part of.

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